KAMK Esports Club

Our Purpose

KAMK Esports Club is a student owned-and-operated brand under the KAMK.GG organization which provides esports related activities for students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and the local community. The primary purpose of the group is to grow and support the gaming ecosystem in the Kainuu region.

Current Activities

KAMK Esports Club

Friday Club Sessions

KAMK Esports Club's bread and butter, the Friday Club allows provides an opportunity for students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences to test the newest gaming titles and play timeless classics with fellow community members. Sessions are held each Friday from 14:00-16:00 EEST in the Esports Room.

Youth Coaching

KAMK Esports Club hosts multiple youth coaching opportunities in the Kainuu region, in partnership with local high-schools, youth centers and community organizers. These sessions provide an opportunity for youth to be introduced to competitive gaming in a safe environment, with a focus on healthy habit building.

Local Events

KAMK Esports Club's events are not only for students of KAMK as multiple local esports events are arranged throughout the year to grow and support the local gaming ecosystem in Kajaani. Often in partnership with local brands such as Garde Party and KAO, these events are open to the general public at an affordable price.