What is KAMK.GG?

KAMK.GG is a student owned-and-operated organization based in Kajaani that strives to grow the Finnish esports community both locally in the Kainuu region as well as internationally.

Our organization is a part of Kajaani University of Applied Science's overall strategy towards local esports ecosystem and education development in Finland.

Mission Statement

Student Support

Our organization was founded on the principle of supporting the student-base of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, specifically in the Esports Business degree. To this day, we remain true to this mission and strive to offer a wide range of opportunities to students who wish to improve their personal network and gain practical experience in the esports industry.

International Focus

When we founded KAMK.GG (formerlly KAJAK Esports) in January of 2021, we believed their was a considerable lack of international, English-spoken content here in Finland. While the esports ecosystem in the region is extremely well developed and constantly expanding, there were not many projects with a global mindset. We wished to change that viewpoint and expand the local esports ecosystem beyond the borders of Finland and into international markets.

Local Ecosystem Development

While KAMK.GG maintains an international approach, our various sub-brands including the KAMK Esports Club have the goal of growing and supporting the local esports ecosystem, both on the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences campus, and across the Kainuu region (a province located in Northern Finland). We offer these organizations administrative assistance, support staff and financing to pursue small-scale projects, often offered in Finnish, for the local gaming community.



Our expert team of multinational students of Esports Business at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences operate as:

Opportunity Providers

Developing talent and offering additional opportunities to our team.

Event Organizers

Producing large-scale digital and physical events.

Content Creators

Creating engaging pieces of digital content across our social channels.

Esports Competitors

Hosting talented rosters in a wide variety of team and single-player titles.

Education Supporters

Supporting the development of esports education globally.

Community Builders

Growing and supporting the esports ecosystem in the Kainuu region.