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Becoming a KAMK.GG Influencer

Primary Benefits

Facility Access

As KAMK.GG operates as a sub-brand of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), this provides us to access to a wide range of unique facilities here on the innovative campus, including an Esports Room, outfitted with 25 Gaming PCs, Esports Studio, Podcast Studio, Sports Hall and more! These facilities allow for engaging content creation opportunities, as well as competitive bootcamp potential.

International Partners

Through our unique approach to partnership acquisition and relationship management, we have been able to work with a large group of industry-leading organizations such as Cooler Master, Monster Energy, Surfshark, Aim Lab and more! These forms of collaborations allow us to grow our personal brand, execute exciting activations, and reach the international gaming audience.

Secure Backing

Although we are still a growing brand, KAMK.GG has access to a secure line of funding from our parent organization, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK). In practice, this means that our operational team, brand partners and Featured Creators do not need to worry about common issues in the esports landscape, such as organizations disbanding after short-periods, due to a lack of monetary support.

Operational Team (Graphics, Editors, Tournament Support, Production etc)

During any given academic year, KAMK.GG hosts approximately 15-25 operational team members, who maintain a wide range of unique skillsets such as graphic design, video editing, brand development, social media marketing, stream production, event management and more! When you become a Featured Creator, you gain access to our incredible team, who will work to grow your brand alongside our own.

Active and Evolving Team

As our student team changes frequently, we are always presented with fresh ideas and passionate members who wish to develop our offerings and avoid stagnation in the industry. In short, we think outside of the box.

Inclusivity and Diversity

It is safe to say that we are one of, if not the most, inclusive esports organization in Finland, both within the business and Featured Creator teams. In addition to working with a diverse group of team members, all with their own unique backgrounds and viewpoints, we have also developed multiple initiatives to combat gender-based discrimination in the space and will continue to do so in the future.

Community Focus

We do not take everything too seriously and maintain a family-like atmosphere where team members truly care for each other and wish to see the brand grow alongside our Featured Creators. When you join our organization, you become a member of the #KAMKFamily, and will be treated as a valuable asset.

Our Offerings

1. Opportunity Providers

Developing talent and offering additional opportunities to our team.

4. Esports Competitors

Hosting talented rosters in a wide variety of team and single-player titles.

2. Event Organizers

Producing large-scale digital and physical events.

5. Education Supporters

Supporting the development of esports education globally.

3. Content Creators

Creating engaging pieces of digital content across our social channels.

6. Community Builders

Growing and supporting the esports ecosystem in the Kainuu region.

Influencer Requirements

Time Commitment

Considerable Following or Unique Perspective

Engaging Personality and Accepting Community

The most valuable components when determining who has the opportunity to join the Influencer Program are personality and personal community! Even if you do not currently have a large following; if you are talented, passionate and maintain a warm and inviting online community, we are willing to help you develop your online image throughout your time within our organization.

We are seeking those committed to growing their digital presence to provide additional benefit to KAMK.GG and their own personal brand. As an example, Featured Creators must have a consistent release schedule of AT MINIMUM once per week (publishing own YouTube video, streaming on personal Twitch channel or participating in a KAMK.GG video-shoot or casual stream) throughout the academic year.

Those who have a previous social following have a much better chance of being admitted to the Influencer Program. As a general guideline, we look for those who have, at minimum, 500 followers on one of their digital platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram. In addition, we are always seeking Creators who are innovators in the space and operate in unique markets of the online ecosystem.

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