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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor´s degree in Esports Business

The esports market gains more and more popularity worldwide. If you are a player and want to deepen your expertise, become an Esports student at KAMK and enjoy the KAMK Esports Facility. KAMK offers a wide range of courses including marketing, coaching, esports landscape, branding, event management, and contract law to our students. These areas are key elements of the esports industry which enable its continued growth. Hands-on experience is where this degree truly shines. Students at KAMKS are equipped with resources, time and support to create ventures and build their practical knowledge in real-world environments. For more information on the degree and how to apply, please visit Another interesting component about this degree is KAMK.GG, which is primarily operated by KAMK students. This means that KAMK students are already from the beginning part of student organizations and can be part of exciting opportunities like planning campus activities such as LAN sessions.

Fore more information, please visit

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