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Starting 1st of September 2023, KAMK.GG will bring back the opportunity for competitive play for the students of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. KAMK.GG will bring support for the teams in your chosen title. Our aim is to successfully launch at least 2 Esports teams and have them compete before the end of 2023. 

Some of the opportunities we can offer include:

  • Dedicated support and collaboration with Esports programs

  • Providing resources such as top-notch equipment

  • A community of like-minded students 

  • Arrangements for tournament opportunities

  • Collaboration with KAMK.GG partners and sponsors

  • Gain visibility through our channels like Twitch


What games are we supporting?

As we are striving to deliver more opportunities for those who

seek to improve their esports career, we want those opportunities

to reach as many interested parties as possible. 

This means that if you have the required amount of team members

for the game you want to compete in, we will try to give you that chance.

Pick your game, gather your team and join us in competitive esports!

How to get started?

1. Gather your team! 

2. Plan your goals!

3. Contact us directly or via the form down below!

Copy of KAMK.GG Player recruitment (1).png

Thanks for applying for our Esports program! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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