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KAMK.GG Creator Community


As a general member of the KAMK.GG Creator Community, you are not bound by any contractual agreements and do not represent the KAMK.GG brand as a whole. Instead, we provide access to a wide variety of unique and passionate Creators wishing to collaborate with members of the esports and gaming community. Materials gathered from content events or group streams can be used on your own personal channels, while KAMK.GG reserves the right to include additional footage in our own content platforms.

*Note that Creators within the KAMK.GG Creator Community do not have access to Influencer benefits such as sponsored products, paid travel arrangements, event access, facility usage, etc.


KAMK.GG Influencers, formally known as Featured Creators, are official members of the #KAMKFamily who represent the organization, including our core values, to the overall gaming audience. In addition to receiving similar benefits to Creators (collaboration opportunities, content support, etc), these innovative personalities also have access to our top-notch Content Team, featuring talented graphic designers, video editors, photographers, and more, while also receiving custom-tailored assistance with growing and promoting their own personal channels. Finally, upon their initial signing, Influencers receive a sponsored care package of goodies and equipment from our lovely group of partners!

Requirements of an Influencer

Creation of x1 pieces of video content per month, throughout contractual period, to be used exclusively on the KAMK.GG channels.

Sharing and engaging with KAMK.GG social posts, especially those which are specifically requested by the Marketing Team or upper management within the organization.

Consistent streaming schedule of at least x2 per week, while including the KAMK.GG and partner official logos in the stream overlay and Twitch panels.

Not engaging in any form of public behaviour which may reflect poorly on the organization, including but not limited to: intoxication, drug use, vulgar language, nudity, racism, or sexism.

Ability and commitment to self-manage (or via personal community mods) clipping or marking the best moments from their streams, to later be used by the KAMK.GG Content Team.

Brand Ambassador

Reserved for only the top-tier content creators under the KAMK.GG brand, these team members act as community leaders, showcasing the highest-standard of innovation in the brand management field. After showcasing their abilities for a select period, both Creators and Influencers can be invited to gain the ranks of the Brand Ambassador program. These leaders have direct impact over the general development of the KAMK.GG brand, especially in the area of content development, while also receiving first access to exclusive events, paid sponsorship opportunities, frequent free product samples, and more!

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