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VCT Berlin Final Viewing Party

On Sunday, 19th September, KAMK.GG hosted a viewing party for the Valorant VCT Finals. The event was open to everyone and took place on campus in the Taito 1 NetCafe. Snacks and beverages were provided by the organization, with a good amount of Monster to keep the viewers refreshed. 2 TV's were set up to provide the live show, couches and bean bags were placed to create a relaxed environment and COVID guidelines were respected.

There was overwhelming support for Gambit throughout the series, and many cheers were had for some of the amazing clutches and wins that were performed. In the end Gambit took down Envy 3 - 0 and attendees were overjoyed by their performance. Throughout the event there was a great atmosphere.

The event was a success with attendance numbers peaking around 30, making it a great start to the year. We enjoyed hosting it and were happy to see so many of you join us to watch the finals.

Thank you and we hope to see you on the next viewing party!

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