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KAMK.GG is now providing bootcamp planning and organizing services both on-site in Kajaani, Finland and worldwide. Using our expert development team, expansive network of industry professionals and innovative bootcamp template, we work with brands wishing to provide physical LAN events globally.

Four Point Strategy

In-game Ability

Improve yourself as a player.

Mental Conditioning

Avoiding common issues such as burnout.

Management and Business

Highlighting career opportunities available in esports.

Nutrition and Physical Conditioning

Ensuring a healthy and sustainable career.

Tracking and Measurement

Understanding your progress.

Tracking and measurement tools allow attendees to better understand their personal development throughout the bootcamp. Utilizing experience gained from 2+ years of esports athlete tracking application development at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. We showcase the importance of proper performance indicator tracking.

Nordic Esports Academy


Nordic Esports Academy was an esports themed summer school and a CSGO Tournament in Finland.

What NESA is doing with their esport summer school with academic certifications is really wonderful


This bootcamp has been a life-changing experience that I will always remember.

Alejandro, NESA bootcamp participant

IGDC India Game Development Challenge 

8-week game development summer school on the SRM Institute of Science and Technology campus in Kattankulathur, India; featuring top Finnish experts in video game production.

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"Bootcamping is essential because as a coach you get to see the players in action and interact with them as a whole. A lot of things are easier to coach in person. Super useful for team chemistry and really working on stuff in detail."

Wille Turunen, Former Conditioning Coach for Team Secret and Rogue

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