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Recruitment is now open!


Thank you for your interest in joining KAMK.GG. Our organization begun back in 2021 with the primary goal of bringing international esports activities to Finland while providing additional opportunities for those wishing to pursue a career in esports while progressing their studies in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Our organization is currently going through a remake process, where the past leadership roles of previous students are transferred into new hands. The team will change as a whole and there are many open positions waiting to be filled! While we work to enhance your working experience, we are in close contacts with the professional staff of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences to make sure that all the work you do for KAMK.GG will also advance your studies.

In terms of what we are looking for in the next evolution of KAMK.GG talent; your personal experience or knowledge base is not as

valuable as pure commitment and passion. We are all students here, learning how to enhance our work experience in the field of esports.

Hard-working. Loyal. Focused.


Open Application Period Coming September 2023!


The Process

1. Decide your Destiny

Read through our list of available positions and apply for those you believe would best fit your passions and abilities. You can apply for multiple roles or suggest your own interests in the interview.

2. Await the Messenger

When we book the time for the second-stage of the interview process, you will be contacted via email with details regarding the next steps. Please stay calm during this time! We will message everyone in due time.

3. Follow your destiny

No need to prepare for the interview in advance. Follow the instructions in the email and stay tuned to our socials!

Read the open positions down below and apply here!

Competitive manager

As a Competitive Manager, your role includes communicating with our E-sports teams, developing their activity plans, reaching out to gain opportunities for competitive play and organizing collaborations that push the team format further.  

During your work, you will gain a vast amount of valuable contacts that further develop your career in the esports market.

Some of the skills expected from a competitive manager include:

  • A vision of the competitive scene in esports as a whole

  • Passion for team development and competitive play

  • Good communicational skills 

  • Scheduling skills

Due to the required precise view of the industry, this role is only available for Esports students as of now.

Marketing Assistant

As a marketing assistant, you'll be a vital part of KAMK.GG's marketing efforts. You gain valuable knowledge on how to build a marketing strategy and execute it. You gain access to a variety of tools that help you plan, prepare, schedule and launch content on all our main social media platforms. These platforms include the most known ones such as Instagram & Twitter. Here you'll work closely with the entire team in delivering content that attracts the online audience. This position is extremely helpful if you are planning to specialize your studies in marketing.

  • General knowledge of the most known social media platforms

  • A vision for posts that attract attention

  • Knowledge of marketing tools and scheduling software's such as Hootsuite is a +

  • Basic knowledge of editing media for social media usage

  • Gain knowledge on how to turn the algorithm on your side

Content Assistant

As a content assistant, you have a vision for creating content that attracts the interest of the viewer. In your work, you'll work mostly behind the camera (of which we have a wide variety for your use) and create content that represents KAMK.GG in the frontlines of media. Learn to fly a drone, work closely with editors and gain knowledge in organizational marketing on the side. 

  • Knowledge of social media trends

  • You are handy with a camera 

  • A vision for posts that attract attention

  • Gain access to a wide variety of camera equipment 

  • Having a positive, outgoing attitude is a great + !

Visual Artist

Do you have a vision for transforming ideas into captivating visuals? As a visual artist, you create the stunning graphics that are required for KAMK.GG's events, tournaments and social media content. Your work includes communicating with all members of the organization, designing graphical content and editing graphical media. You can create original and visually striking artwork that aligns with organizational objectives and brand aesthetics. You spend your time on a drawing board, graphics tablet and in general with a pen in your hand. 

  • Prior skills in graphical content design

  • Your graphics will be credited - build your audience

  • Gain access to a variety of tools and software's to help you in your work

  • Provide and receive constructive feedback to refine your artistic concepts.

  • Stay updated on design trends, techniques and tools to continuously elevate your craft.

  • Produce illustrations, graphics and designs that communicate the ideas effectively.

Due to required skills for this role, please prepare to show your previous graphical work in the interview.


Are you a creative storyteller with a passion for crafting compelling visual narratives? Do you have an eye for detail and a knack for turning raw footage into captivating videos? As an editor, you have knowledge of the editing process of videos. You play a crucial role in ensuring that the content we create meets the standards of clarity, accuracy and engagement. You will collaborate closely with the content assistant and visual artist to create media content that catches the eyes of the audience. Your keen eye will help maintain our active presence on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. 

  • Edit and assemble raw footage into cohesive, engaging video content

  • Collaborate with all team members to create content that represents KAMK.GG 

  • Apply your creative flair to enhance visual aesthetics, pacing and overall impact

  • Maintain an organized library of assets and project files

  • Stay updated on industry trends and editing techniques to continually improve the quality of your work

  • Incorporate graphics, animations and other visual elements as needed

Activity Assistant x 2

Nothing could be done without the activity assistants! Everyday heroes who take to the frontlines of events and daily organizational needs. In your work, you will collaborate with the entire team and act as a face for the organization in both small and large scale events. You gain knowledge of how to plan, organize and develop Esport events and activities so that the visitors and audience are left with a smile on their face. 

  • Plan events that stay in visitors' minds - even long after

  • Support the work with general assistance

  • Gain experience in organizational events, physical marketing and all our activities

  • You are not afraid to jump from role to role - be it planning an event or assisting in content creation

This position will be filled with 2 people.

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