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Our Services

Through our all-inclusive event and activity services, we are able to provide gaming-focused activities which target a broad group of potential customers, through equipment which caters to those who are completely new to gaming, as well as avid daily players.

Activity Booth

Console Gaming Corner

The Console Gaming Corner is a perfect choice for younger participants (9-13), as well as those who are new to gaming. This activity package includes couches, beanbags, PlayStation 5, and 60' television.

2v2 Competitive PC

Targeting the experienced gamers, the 2v2 Competitive PC offerings include four top-notch gaming computers, 140hz monitors, peripherals and gaming chairs. 

VR and XR Gaming

Virtual and Augmented Reality equipment is the future of gaming and is a fan favorite amongst KAMK.GG event participants. This offering provides x3 Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets!

Services Provided

Equipment Rental

All KAMK.GG Activity services contains equipment rentals including top-of-the-line gaming PC's, 144hz monitors, gaming peripherals (keyboards, headsets, mice), consoles (PS4 and PS5), and up to four Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets.

Operational Staff

In addition to the equipment itself, we provide the team members who will operate the booth, event space or activities for you, without need of external resources or time from your own team!

Schedule and Planning

In the weeks leading up to the event, our experienced team will schedule all activities and booth opening hours to fit your specific needs, audience, and hosting venue. 

Promotion and Marketing

KAMK.GG maintains deep roots in the Finnish gaming, esports and youth culture and can assist with promoting the event to our community members across Finland and the Nordics!

Tournament Operations

Want an esports event operated under your company name? Our team of esports experts have a considerable background in esports tournaments operations and are able to develop high-quality events under our partner brands, including broadcast production, graphic design, tournament administration, commentary, event promotion and more! From the initial ideation stages to the final execution, we are able to deliver a top-notch tournament under YOUR unique branding, reaching a broad audience of gaming enthusiasts across numerous titles (E.G VALORANT, CS:GO, etc)

Services Provided

Operational Staff

KAMK.GG is able to provide all the required human resources to produce a large-scale online event or tournament including Production Managers, graphic designers, video editors, tournament administrators, commentators, Social Media Managers, and more! This group of talented event management professionals will ensure that you event is executed with the highest possible quality.

Scheduling and Planning

From the initial ideation to final execution, our team will plan and organize all elements of the event, from the basic tasks such as determining the game title, event branding and tournament structure to more complex matters such as scheduling staff working hours, managing team relationships and more. No external input is required from the branding organization, saving you time and energy!

Community Engagement and Team Acquisition

Arguably the most important element of a successful event, we ensure that our tournaments reach the desired audience, both for player and team acquisition and general viewership on the eventual event broadcast. We have connections within nearly every popular esports title including such as VALORANT and CS:GO, which allows for effective promotional campaigns surrounding your event.

Promotion and Marketing

KAMK.GG maintains deep roots in the esports and gaming community and can assist with promoting the event to our community members across Finland and the Nordics! Our events have reached the top-ten most viewed English-language Twitch streams in their respective game category and have brought in hundreds of thousands of unique impressions across social campaigns.

Sizing Options

Large-Scale International Online Tournament

These tournaments maintain the highest production quality, often spanning an entire weekend or even numerous weeks if Qualifiers are needed. International tournaments draw on a talent pool (teams and players) spanning across the Nordics and general EU to ensure the largest potential viewership options. For these forms of events, a prize pool of at least €2,000.00-€5,000.00 is required, depending on the title.

Large-Scale Physical Esports Event

Physical events are similar to online tournaments in terms of the competition structure, but require many more resources on the front of staff, security, accommodations, and venue rentals. Depending on the overall goal of the event (E.G Local vs International), participating teams or players may require support for their travel arrangements and therefore the venue should be arranged with this in mind.

Grassroots Tournaments and Youth Activities

Local online or physical tournaments can be arranged on short-notice with limited resources or external funding. KAMK.GG is able to provide the required equipment (see Activity Booth), event staff and tournament structure for these forms of events. With that being said, the potential promotional opportunities are also quite limited, due to the level of play and audience size.

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