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Upcoming Events

KAMK.GG is a premiere event hosting organization that specializes in amateur tournaments and educational seminars focused on numerous topics and game titles. In addition, our sub-brand KAMK Esports Clubs arranges various local events in the Kainuu region.

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We provide weekly content ranging from single-player titles, co-op games and large scale esports tournaments!

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Bachelor's Degree in Esports Business

Be at the front line of the rapidly growing industry! Are you a player but want to deepen your expertise in esports? Do you have what it takes to become a coach? We have all the necessary tools to make you an esports expert in business, coaching and gaming!

The Esports Business degree is not a player-training course, but rather it provides top-class education in order to become electronic sports business experts. However, many of the students may be ex-players or can continue playing during their studies, and KAMK provides excellent facilities for this purpose. 

Want to become the esports business professional of tomorrow? Click the link below to learn more!

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1 Ketunpolku
Kajaani, 87100
KAMK.GG Offices


+358 40 3570353

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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Cooler Master Nordic

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KOVA Esports

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Aim Lab

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Critical Force

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