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Esports offerings delivered by our expert team.


Esport Bootcamps

From the team that brought you the Nordic Esports Academy, KAMK.GG is now providing bootcamp planning and organizing services both on-site in Kajaani, Finland and worldwide. Using our expert development team, expansive network of industry professionals and innovative bootcamp template, we work with brands wishing to reach gaming enthusiasts globally.


Venue Rental

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences maintains multiple state-of-the-art esports facilities including our Esports Room with 24 optimized gaming setups, game-review screens and hangout zone. In addition, KAMK.GG operates a content creation hub and streaming studio outfitted with film lighting, audio equipment, 4K cameras, streaming PCS, and more!


League Development

Already have an established gaming title? Looking to expand into the esports market? KAMK.GG offers league and esports operations development tailor-fitted to our customers unique brand and core player audience.


Esports Tournaments and Events

Our 10+ member team specializes in large-scale digital and physical event production for both local and international audiences. From concept development to final execution, our team can organize industry-leading events on behalf of your brand.

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