KAMK.GG Influencer Program

Grow your personal social following or join the KAMK.GG Content Team!


The KAMK.GG Influencer program allows members of our community to join the organization as a Featured Creator to develop their personal brand image on our social platforms or include KAMK.GG within their own personal digital channels. These creators are provided with a wide-range of benefits throughout the time within the organization while maintaining ownership of their own brand.


Featured Creators 

Jasmin 'MaybeAlexandra' Nulla

Instagram: @jasnulla

Twitter: @jasnulla

YouTube: Maybe Alexandra


Camille 'Oxygen' Ghossoub

Instagram: @realoxygentv

Twitter: @CamilleGhossoub

YouTube: RealOxygen


Hans 'haGE' Wagner

Twitter: @haGEofficial

YouTube: haGE



What is required of KAMK.GG Featured Creators?

Time Commitment

We are seeking those committed to growing their digital presence to provide additional benefit to KAMK.GG and their own personal brand. As an example, Featured Creators must have a consistent release schedule of AT MINIMUM once per week (publishing own YouTube video, streaming on personal Twitch channel or participating in a KAMK.GG video-shoot or casual stream) throughout the academic year.

Considerable Following

Those who have a previous social following have a much better chance of being admitted to the Influencer Program. As a general guideline, we look for those who have, at minimum, 500 followers on one of their digital platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or Instagram.

Engaging Personality

The most valuable component of all when determining who has the opportunity to join the Influencer Program is personality! Even if you do not currently have a large following; if you are knowledgeable, entertaining or have enough potential as a creator, we are willing to help you develop your online image throughout your time as a Featured Creator.

Program Benefits

We at KAMK.GG strive to provide additional opportunities for all our community members. The Influencer Program allows for those pursuing a career in content creation to develop their skillset while having access to various amazing benefits.


Equipment and Facilities

Featured Creators within the KAMK.GG Influencer Program have access to all KAMK.GG operated facilities including the Esports Studio! This space features a Stream Corner equipped with studio lighting, Stream Deck, QuadCast Micophone, 4K webcam, top-notch PC, duel screens, and more! In addition, KAMK.GG allows for rental of video-creation equipment such as DSLR cameras, drones, tripods, etc.

Sponsorships and Funding

While in the Influencer Program, our Featured Creators have access to our expansive list of industry partners to support the growth of their own brand via giveaway sponsorships, social media engagement, and general networking. The KAMK.GG Marketing team will assist with the development of your online image while providing the opportunity to be featured in our own digital content across our various social channels.

Brand Visibility

Throughout your time as a Featured Creator, you have access to our rapidly growing global community of esports and gaming enthusiasts. The KAMK.GG operational team will become your personal Brand Managers and assist with the acquisition of paid-sponsorship opportunities and unique collaborations with other well-known creators in the space, including additional members of the Program.

Interested in joining? Please submit an application!